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Everything you need to submit, purchase, and use Webflow templates.

Template Redemption

Here’s how to redeem a Webflow template that you’ve purchased from a third-party marketplace:

  • First off, welcome to Webflow! New here? Check out our homepage for an overview of what makes Webflow such a powerful site builder for professional designers.
  • Alright, let’s get you your template. First, visit the URL of the template you purchased. Click here to see a sample  URL from ThemeForest. Now, copy the numerical ID at the very end of the template’s URL. In the case of the sample URL just linked, the ID is 11254455.
  • Visit the Purchases tab in your Webflow dashboard. If you don't yet have a Webflow account, not to worry! Clicking that link will prompt you to quickly create a free account before directing you back to the Purchases tab. Once there, simply enter the template ID from the previous step in the provided form. Now hit the Submit button.
  • Great! The template you’ve purchased is now fully active and ready for professional editing in your Webflow account – entirely free of charge. Happy designing!

P.S. Are you new to the awesomeness of Webflow? Check out our super quick video tutorials, plus discover the beautiful, responsive websites that other Webflow users have designed.

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Template Licenses

Review our simple licenses for both free and paid templates on Webflow’s Template Marketplace. 

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Template Submission Guidelines

Want to sell your own templates? Follow these simple guidelines.

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